Oil and Mining Equipment Transport

The oil and mining industry often requires their equipment and workers to transported to remote and hard to access areas. These areas (due to the nature of the runway etc) do not enable any aircraft to land there; our aircrafts are designed to land in areas that most aircrafts are unable to operate out of. We are also aware that a lot of oil and mining equipment needs to be taken on a very short notice basis and we are able to accommodate those needs. The size of the equipment in the oil and mining industry often has a large volume or payload and this requires tail-door loading/offloading. This oil and mining air transport task requires a wide body aircraft such as IL-76TD or larger which Sovair Charter has no problem in providing. Once the equipment and workers are at the site they have to be maintained by bringing them every day necessities such as water, food, fuel and etc. Sovair Charter can provide our customers with a total air transport solution.


Oil and Gas